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Shameless Plug

Copies of the new book about Birmingham's early car marques are available from

V Small Cover Art

Did you know that Punch cartoonist, artist, inventor and builder of whimsical machines painted one of his artworks across the back of an Austin Seven?


A new Rowland Emett Society has been formed to catalogue and preserve his works. You can find the story of the Emett Austin Seven at:

Rowland Emett

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The Online Austin Seven Club

The Club for Austin Seven Enthusiasts


The 90th Anniversary gathering of over 500 Austin Sevens at Warwick School on 21/22 July 2012 went smoothly and we are in the process of producing a video of the event on behalf of the Austin Seven Clubs Association. A trailer for the video can be seen above.


      When ready the video will be available from

The latest Club newsletter is now available for viewing and/or download in the Members area so register now if you haven't already.


Registered members who wish to do so will receive the link to the newsletter by email as soon as it is published.


To join click on the newsletter image.

March 2019 Newsletter

Identifying A7s from their factory initials booklet on sale.

Joy Across America

Earlier in 2013 Joy Rainey drove herr 1904 Oldsmobile across the United States. The DVD will be available soon.

Factory Initials

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