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Making Cars at Longbridge by Gillian Bardsley


For ninety-nine years, cars were made at Longbridge. Less than a year off its century, the factory closed and 6,000 lost their jobs. The story of Longbridge is full of tragedy and the loss of car making there has dealt a huge blow to the Midlands' manufacturing base. The first cars to roll off the production plant were Austins, and the site has been a centre of car manufacturing ever since and some of the most recognised marques and models have been made there from the original Austin 7 of the 1920s to the Mini of 1959, as well as the Austin 1100. In later years, the factory also made Rovers and MGs, including the SD1, Rover 75 and MGF model. Through bad management, interfering Governments, state control and sale to BAe, then BMW, followed by the disastrous recent management, the recent story of Longbridge is a tragic one. But, it is easy to forget that the factory has produced millions of motorcars, including some of the most famous designs ever made, and that it was once an employer for tens of thousands in Birmingham.


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Austin Seven Restoration and Maintenance

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Original Austin Seven - The Restorer's Guide by Rinsey Mills


The Austin Seven has such a strong following that it remains to this day our most popular pre-war car. It was also Britain's cheapest and most successful pre-war car, with nearly 300,000 built. Followers of the Austin Seven know what a complex family tree of models evolved over the years.

The information needed to determine how a restored car should look is difficult to find, especially as the model range is so wide, but help is at hand in this book. This painstakingly researched book aims to reveal how these charming cars altered in detail over the years.    


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The Austin Seven Source Book by Bryan Purves


The Austin Seven is one of the most universally appealing and desirable small cars of all time. It was manufactured in a variety of forms, from simple open tourers to saloons, vans, sports cars and even racers, and left an indelible mark on the course of motoring history. Production of this still world-famous car ceased in 1939 after 17 years, during which time some 291,000 chassis had been made. Originally published in 1989, and re-issued due to popular demand, this is the most complete work of reference ever published on the marque and is essential reading for all Austin Seven owners, restorers and enthusiasts.    


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The Austin Seven by Jonathan Wood


At 32 pages this is a very small book about Austin Sevens but it packs in many facts, figures, explanations and pictures. Much of the material is covered by the RJ Wyatt book: Austin Seven, the motor for the millions 1922-39 but there is new material from an interview by the author of draughtsman Stanley Edge who worked with Herbert Austin from the original 'sketch on a billiard table' in 1921 and who designed its engine. There are also some reference to more recent events than those covered in Mr Wyatt's book. A useful little book and well worth the money.  


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The Austin Seven The Motor for the Million by R.J. Wyatt.


A book that traces the development of the Austin Seven from its planning stages and first appearance in 1922, through its many phases until 1939. There are the full specifications of the engines and body designs in great detail with 72 black and white photographs and numerous diagrams.  


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Men and Motors of The Austin by Barney Sharratt


Since 1905, Herbert Austin's Longbridge car factory, known locally as "The Austin" has provided a livelihood for thousands of families in the West Midlands. This is the story of the vehicles produced there, and the factory itself , in the words of those intimately involved in the styling , design, testing and building of cars. It provides historic detail, human experience and social history, and aims to be of great interest to motoring enthusiasts as well as those who have worked at Longbridge under the various ownerships, including BMC, British Leyland, Austin-Rover, BMW and Phoenix.


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Austin Seven related books available via Amazon and secondhand book sellers.


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The Magic of the Midlands and the Black Country by Jim Shelley


Jim Shelley's book is an eclectic mix of articles about vintage cars, engineering and engineers, model aircraft and jazz - and that is only for starters! His 1932 Austin Seven with all it's modifications appears alongside his Alvis, Lagonda and Scott motorcycle. A fascinating read.


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Bitsa the Vintage Car and Friends by Sharon J Kirk


This is a children's book about a little Austin Seven boat-tail car who lives in the small market town of Middleton with his owner Mrs. Cropley the grocer. Highly suitable for reading aloud or independent readers.


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Bitsa, Another Journey Through Middleton by Sharon J Kirk


The follow up to the original with eight new short stories. One for the grandkids?


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Austin Seven History

Austin Seven Childrens Books